The phone cannot be charged.

Check that the charging port is connected and the charger can be used normally. If all right and  still can not use, please contact us.

How to install the SIM card ?

The SIM card slot is on the back of the fuselage, under the camera. The box is equipped with a card pin to open the card slot. Supports dual card with Nano-card.

How to use SOS function ?

The SOS function needs to set the contact person and content in Settings-One-key alarm in advance.
Long press (5s) the second button on the left of the device to automatically send location information and alarms.

How to check IMIE number ?

Phone call the number  *#06#  to check IMIE code.

If I can not turn on the phone, how to force restart ?

Long press the power button for 7-8 seconds.

Can the battery be replaced ?

It is generally not recommended to disassemble the battery and charge it directly through the data cable.

Is it possible to charge wirelessly for J11 or J9s Pro ?