Why people in challenging professions use W7 fast charger

Zenith Kozole works in a winery. His profession is complicated as wine is produced in a series of stages and requires constant monitoring. The process needs to be continued without any interruption. Amid such an environment, a smartphone is the only good companion to workers and Jesy W7 fast wireless charger is a must-have for them in the factory as it is equipped with five safety modes with smart power management features.


Jack Danial is a plant mechanic in an air-conditioning technology plant and carries a rugged J11 smartphone that has thermal imaging technology to assist him in his work. For hours he takes the help of such essential tools of the mobile and runs the risk of battery draining out completely at any moment. He too carries with him the same Jesy W7 charger that comes with an astonishing 75% conversion rate.


Both the factory workers know they need a charger that can provide impressive efficiency with respect to charging their phones. Probably, they look for a charging time during their recess, which is around 30 minutes.


The W7 charger seems perfect for them as it serves their purposes and comes with a built-in diaphragm as well as 3 coils design. It can even charge through the phone's metal cases, up to 4-6 thick. So, Kozole and Danial do not have to worry about removing the cases before putting the phone on charge.


Similarly, a tomato farmer Paul Linus in Croatia, a speleologist Drek Brain in Japan and a smoke ventilation engineer Alex in Dar es Salaam uses the same charger even though they use smartphones of other brands like Samsung, Nokia and Mi. They understand that W7 is different from other chargers and made to support people having challenging professions. The charger has unique compatibility and several proven safety modes. It has a highly fast charging capability and is equipped with smart power management.