Why J11 smartphone is the best companion in challenging professions

Paul Linus is a farmer in Croatia and mainly works in large greenhouses to grow tomatoes. His job is not easy and becomes tough and challenging during hot and humid weather. The temperature sometimes hit even more than 45 degrees Celsius and hence he relies on a smartphone to check microclimate in the greenhouses and weather conditions outside it along with taking important calls.

Like many other farmers, he too relies on J11 smartphone as the device is a rugged phone and comes with good battery life. The smartphone is built to be used in extreme environments and can continue to function smoothly even in rapid temperature changes when other phones fail to work. It perfectly works in temperature ranging between -5 and 55 degrees Celsius.

A speleologist named Drek Brain in Japan explores unchartered caves, which again is a challenging job like Paul. His best companion during the explorations is J11 smartphone. Locating the cave entrance becomes easier as the phone comes equipped with a thermal imaging camera. With it, he is able to easily detect wildlife in and around the caves.

J11 is mounted with a powerful handheld torch to help Drek make his way lit inside the pitch-dark caves. He does not need to carry an additional hand or head torch. He simply powers up the phone torch in one touch. The GPS and laser distance measuring technology is an added advantage to Drek in his cave exploration work.

Let me share one more story. A man named Alex makes air ducts used in smoke ventilation systems in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. He spends a lot of time at a height, on ladders, and cutting plasterboard that creates dust. He carries J11 smartphone and believes it is the best device in his profession as features dustproof, drop-proof, and waterproof. Alex also recommends to other co-workers who work in a dusty environment to use J11.

Similarly, a domestic plumber Billy in Rome, a plant mechanic Morris in air-conditioning, heating and sanitary technology in London, and an auto mechanic Chris in Florida uses J11 smartphone in their professions and recommends it to others who are looking for a cool, rugged and highly durable smartphone.