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Jesy products are all IP68 certified, equipped with dustproof and waterproof capabilities

Can withstand up to 1 hour in water up to 2 meters deep, meet military-grade MIL-STD-810G testing standards, and can easily withstand multidirectional falls from up to 1.5 meters. Jesy phones can survive being run over by a truck without damage to the exterior or screen, and are shock, corrosion, and temperature resistant. They can take on physical challenges at work so that users can take their phone anywhere.

Accurate GPS, GLONASS, SBAS, QZSS, and BEIDOU cross-positioning, real-time push-to-talk intercom, and one-button emergency call capabilities help workers swiftly determine the location of the accident, understand conditions at the scene, and take action accordingly before technical personnel arrive, helping save lives. With a battery life that supports all-day use, you can focus on important work. Jesy phones can also be quickly cleaned using a brush, towel, or other objects without damaging the screen or any other part of the phone.

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Military Grade Walkie | Fingerprint unlock



Wireless Charger | 15W Quick Charger



Military smart phone | Facial recognition