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Why are explosion-proof digital phones so popular?

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Generally speaking, only a walkie-talkie that directly uses a digital signal processor is a digital walkie-talkie in the true sense, and digital signal processing can provide better assistance for communication transmission. At present, the digital walkie-talkie seems to have become the trend of the real-time communication industry and has been welcomed by many people. So, do you know why digital walkie-talkies are so popular?


What are the reasons for the popularity of digital walkie-talkies?


1. Various comprehensive services can be realized

In the digital communication of the digital walkie-talkie, all kinds of information can be transformed into a unified digital signal for transmission. In the system, digital signals can be used for monitoring signals, control signals and service signals of digital signal transmission. ISDN, which is composed of digital transmission and digital switching technology, automatically transforms, integrates, transmits, processes, stores and separates signals from different sources to realize various integrated services.


2. Easy to encrypt

The digital signal transmitted by the high-quality digital walkie-talkie is easy to be encrypted and processed, so the digital communication has strong confidentiality. And due to the emergence of millimeter wave and optical fiber communication, the bandwidth of digital communication in digital walkie-talkies is no longer a problem, so it can be applied to more industries.



3.The advantages of data integration

Domestic professional digital walkie-talkies can improve and improve data integration, so that the strength of the control signal is not disturbed by other factors. And compared with other integrated analog voice and data systems, digital walkie-talkies can provide better data processing and functional interface, so that more data applications can be integrated into the same two-way wireless communication base station structure to integrate voice and data services. Better and more convenient.


The above are some of the reasons for the popularity of digital walkie-talkies analyzed by Xiaobian for you, such as the ability to achieve various comprehensive services, easy encryption processing, and data integration advantages. These reasons are also the inevitable trend of digital walkie-talkies becoming the future development of walkie-talkie technology. With the development of radio communication technology, the improvement of people's requirements for wireless communication quality and the rising of spectrum resources, digital walkie-talkies will definitely have a huge demand market.


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