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Where can the ruggedized explosion-proof tablet be used?

Source:Internet Release: Thursday, December 23, 2021 Views: 958

With the rapid development of my country's industry in recent years, reinforced tablet and other computer products are widely used in industry. There are many computer industries, so many people only know the industrial reinforced computer, but it is not clear which computer is used in which industry. Let's take a look at the places where the reinforced explosion-proof computer is generally used!


1. Drilling industry

We all know that the drilling industry is an industry with a relatively high risk factor, so these industries must have higher requirements for computers. First, products are required to be explosion-proof, corrosion-resistant, and system stable. Usually, the monitoring system needs to use a redundant backup system (including software redundancy and hardware redundancy). For example, the CPU module of the PLC and the communication module that communicates with the industrial computer all adopt the redundant mode, that is, two CPU modules, two communication modules, and corresponding redundant control are used. The control system software runs independently on a ruggedized explosion-proof tablet computer. Each ruggedized explosion-proof panel computer has an independent channel to communicate with the PLC. Through the management local area network of the platform, daily production data and historical data generated over a period of time can be aggregated and processed and transmitted to the production management department on land, so that the management department can control the production situation of the platform in real time and make timely production plans in the future. adjust.


2. Wind power industry

With the advent of the era of air pollution, the country is vigorously developing some eco-friendly energy sources for people to use. The most successful one is wind farms, but most wind farms are located in deserts or on the coast. In order to ensure the stable operation of the generator in harsh environments such as desert, salt fog, vibration, overheating or electrical noise, the self-protection diagnostic function of the generator is extremely important, so the on-site operator will carry out daily inspections very carefully. The timing of the daily inspection is extremely important. It requires employees to record the operation data and send the data to the back-end data center server at the first time, which will analyze the data and actively monitor the status of the generator system. In wind farms, field operators using ruggedized tablets can easily and stably establish connections with data centers for data transmission and communication. This not only reduces labor at each job site, but also saves time and costs.


Although the general ruggedized computer requires an IP65 protection level, in fact, this is only the most basic ruggedized computer; and the ruggedized computer is not just the shell reinforcement as everyone thinks, and the ruggedized computer is no matter the material aspect Or the design and structure are different from the commercial computers used by most people, so the technical content is higher than that of ordinary commercial computers, so the price is relatively expensive, and its high price makes many people who favor reinforced computers discouraged. , However, with the continuous emergence of customized manufacturers, the monopoly has been broken, so the price of reinforced computers is now constantly being driven down! For a single person who wants to have a reinforced computer, it must be more practical to choose a customized manufacturer!


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