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What standards does an explosion-proof mobile phone need to meet!

Source:Internet Release: Sunday, April 24, 2022 Views: 870

A few days ago, the news of the explosion of mobile phones is endless, and the problem of how to use the battery of mobile phones correctly has attracted the attention of many consumers. For some extreme industrial environments, explosion-proof measures are especially required. What are the explosion-proof standards for mobile phones that are commonly used?


First of all, let's understand what is an explosion-proof mobile phone?


Explosion-proof mobile phones are mobile phones that do not form an effective ignition source in flammable and explosive environments, ensuring safe communication in flammable and explosive environments. It does not mean to prevent the surrounding environment from exploding, but that the mobile phone will not become a source of ignition and will not cause an explosion when used in a high-risk environment, so it will not explode even in a special environment.


Secondly, the principle of explosion-proof mobile phones?


For a mobile phone, the following factors are most likely to cause an effective ignition source: short circuits or sparks, short circuits inside or outside the battery, mechanical damage due to dropping or reassembly, any possible failure of semiconductor components, excessive High temperature, static electricity.


Explosion-proof mobile phones can ensure the energy generated by the electronic components inside the mobile phone even in the event of a short circuit and failure by increasing the protection circuit, increasing the line spacing of the circuit board, shielding and encapsulating the electronic components, and using special materials to manufacture the mobile phone case. It is not enough to form an effective ignition source, so as to ensure the safety of users in flammable and explosive environments.


Finally, is it explosion-proof certified?


The most important standard for an explosion-proof mobile phone is that the mobile phone must pass the explosion-proof certification issued by the national authoritative inspection agency. At present, manufacturers that sell explosion-proof mobile phones are springing up, but many of them are "unlicensed sales" or "P-picture sales". Friends who buy explosion-proof mobile phones must keep their eyes open and be careful to fall into the trap.


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