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What fields can handheld terminals be used in?

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What fields can handheld terminals be used in? With the increasing development and application of Internet of Things technology, a variety of intelligent hardware devices have sprung up. Due to its portability, practicability and other functions, handheld terminals are constantly changing people's work forms and workflows, and are widely used in various industries and are very popular. . Today we will take a look at where the handheld terminal can be used.


1. Logistics express

The handheld terminal integrates the work of various links such as collection, sorting and distribution, distribution, and dispatch, realizes the intelligent work and management of logistics, collects data in real time and collects it into a unified information platform. Managers can obtain information in real time through the background and then manage it, support users to query logistics tracking information, and companies to grasp the location of couriers and the progress of delivery.


2. Warehouse management

Warehouse goods are put into storage, out of storage, and counted in the form of barcode scanning with handheld terminals, and information is quickly collected and transmitted on site. It is suitable for various factory warehouses, logistics transit warehouses, rookie stations, etc.


3. Store retail

Handheld terminal is mainly used as a tool for data collection and data interaction in the operation and management of chain stores. By reading the information of barcode/RFID tag, information is transmitted and fed back between the front-end and back-end databases. Used in various daily necessities retail stores, such as: clothing, jewelry, glasses, shoes and hats, etc.


4. Bill management

The terminal can realize ticket inspection and ticket inspection confirmation management, and can perform efficient and high-speed ticket inspection operations through PDA scanning.


5. Pharmaceutical industry

The scenarios in which handheld terminals are used in the pharmaceutical industry are mainly: drug entry and exit, circulation inventory; dispensing management, identification and registration of barcode information such as patient wristbands/infusion bags/test sheets.


6. Mobile Law Enforcement

Using a variety of wireless communication technologies of handheld terminals, photography, audio recording, video recording, GPS positioning, document identification, information inquiry and other functions, it provides the police with more powerful tools for police enforcement.


In addition, handheld terminals also have excellent performance in inspection management, mobile transactions, fixed asset management, food traceability and other fields.


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