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What environment is explosion-proof grade suitable for?

Source:Internet Release: Wednesday, February 2, 2022 Views: 795

The explosion-proof type is divided into type I explosion-proof and type II explosion-proof.


Definition of flameproof circuit breaker: An electrical device that does not cause ignition in an explosive atmosphere under specific conditions.

Class I: divided into three types: electrical equipment underground in coal mines;

Class II: All electrical appliances used in explosive gas environments except coal mines and underground mines.

IIA, IIB, IIC can be divided into IIA, IIB, IIC category, and its equipment can be used in the use environment of IIA equipment; IIC can be used for the use conditions of IIA and IIB.

Class II: electrical appliances with explosive dust in other environments except coal mines.

Class IIA: flammable fly; Class IIIB: non-conductive dust;

Class IIIC: Conductive dust. High surface temperature: The highest temperature of any part of the electrical equipment that may cause ignition of the surrounding explosive atmosphere when electrical equipment operates under the harshest operating conditions within the specified range.


The maximum surface temperature is lower than the flammable temperature. For example, if the ignition temperature of the explosive gas in the explosion-proof sensor environment is 100℃, the maximum surface temperature of the sensor in the worst working state should be less than 100℃.


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