Warranty Policy

Random gift warranty policy

The random gifts when you purchase the product enjoy the normal replacement and maintenance services, but do not enjoy the return service;

When the product you purchased needs to be returned, you need to return the random gift together. If the gift is lost, damaged, damaged in appearance, or the film gift has been unpacked, the product you purchased will not be able to enjoy the normal return service;


Non-Warranty Policy

One of the following situations is non-warranty, you will not be able to enjoy free return, replacement and warranty services, you can choose to pay for repairs:

Exceed the validity period of the three guarantees;

The content on the Three Guarantees Certificate is inconsistent with the actual product label or has been altered;

Unauthorized maintenance, unauthorized dismantling, misuse, collision, liquid entry, modification, or product quality problems caused by improper installation of software systems, or tearing,

Alter product labels, anti-counterfeiting marks, machine serial numbers (IMEI);

Damage caused by not using, maintaining and maintaining in accordance with the requirements of the product manual;

Damage to the mobile phone and its accessories due to human reasons;

Damage caused by force majeure such as flood, fire, lightning strike;

Use of non-Jesy original accessories, resulting in mobile phone failure or accident;