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The difference between explosion-proof SLR camera and explosion-proof card camera

Source:Internet Release: Thursday, July 1, 2021 Views: 846

Many customers may not know the difference between explosion-proof SLR cameras and explosion-proof card cameras, and it is difficult to choose when purchasing explosion-proof cameras. Today's article will briefly understand the difference between them.


The difference between an explosion-proof card machine and an explosion-proof SLR camera lies in the sensor, framing, control, price, etc.

1. Sensor: The explosion-proof SLR camera adopts a large-size photosensitive sensor, a dedicated high-speed processor and a high-efficiency electronic circuit, which can obtain a larger photosensitive area and higher image quality. Explosion-proof card cameras use small-sized sensors, with small photosensitive area and average image quality, and the lens cannot be replaced.


2. Framing. Explosion-proof SLR cameras use eyepiece optical framing, relying on a reflector to refract light onto the eyepiece, providing direct viewing. What you see is what you get, the sensor does not need to be exposed to light in real time. Explosion-proof card cameras use electronic framing, which requires real-time photosensitive imaging of sensors to provide images displayed on the LCD screen.


3. Control: The operation of the explosion-proof SLR camera is biased towards the body buttons, and the LCD screen operation is less. The fuselage has enough manual control space, which is convenient for manual adjustment, which can fully reflect the photographer's intention. The explosion-proof card has simple functions and many functions, the LCD card has many functions, the manual touch screen has many functions, and the manual function is weak.


4. The price of explosion proof card is different from the prototype design. In fact, there are many differences between the two. There is no narrative here. Explosion-proof SLR cameras and explosion-proof card cameras have their own advantages and are professional in taking pictures. Explosion-proof card cameras are easy to carry and cheap. Customers can buy according to their needs.


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