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The advantages of explosion-proof walkie-talkies over other communication equipment.

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Radio walkie-talkies cover a wide range, usually radio communication equipment working in the ultra-short wave frequency band (VHF30~300MHz, UHF300~3000MHz) are collectively referred to as radio walkie-talkies. In fact, according to the relevant national standards, it should be called an ultra-short-wave FM radiotelephone. People usually call a handheld radiotelephone with low power and small size "walkie-talkie". The radio walkie-talkie is the earliest wireless mobile communication device used, and it has been used by people as early as the 1930s.


Explosion-proof handheld terminal


In 1936, Motorola Company of the United States developed the first mobile radio communication product - "Patrol Brand" AM car radio receiver. In 1962, Motorola Company introduced the first hand-held wireless walkie-talkie HT200 weighing only 33 ounces. Its shape is called "brick", and its size is similar to that of the early big brother mobile phone. After nearly half a century of development, the application of walkie-talkies has become very common, and has moved from specialized fields to ordinary consumption, from military to civilian use. Radio walkie-talkies are An important branch in mobile communication. It is a wireless terminal device for point-to-multipoint communication that can be used on the move, enabling many people to communicate with each other at the same time, so that many people can hear the same person at the same time, but Only one person can speak at a time.


This communication method has different characteristics from other communication methods: instant communication, one-stop response, economical and practical, low operating cost, no call cost, economical and easy to use, and also has functions such as group call communication, system call, and confidential call.


On December 6, 2001, the former Radio Management Department of the Ministry of Information Industry of China released restrictions on the Chinese civil walkie-talkie market. The opening of the civilian walkie-talkie market provides the public with new choices in wireless communication. Civilian Walkie-Talkie does not generate call charges, can easily realize one-to-many calls, and the price is cheaper than mobile phones. The walkie-talkie has a very good use. In some places, the mobile phone signal is not good, and the walkie-talkie sends a signal to communicate by itself, which is not affected by the coverage. When traveling abroad, the use of the walkie-talkie can reduce a lot of mobile phone call costs. In people's daily life, the most common walkie-talkie system is the walkie-talkie on a taxi. This system can combine multiple walkie-talkies into a subnet, and can communicate freely and unlimitedly within the network.


In foreign countries, the brand-new radio walkie-talkie has long become a part of fashionable life, a new and new indicator of free walkie-talkie, and has set off a worldwide frenzy of "radio walkie-talkie for daily life". In Europe and the United States, or in all parts of Asia, whether it is used for business management or to add fun to daily life, it is a new favorite that is widely welcomed by the public. With the increasingly mature market of walkie-talkies and the increasing number of related products, walkie-talkies have two types Development trend: One is to add some special functions for specific users to meet the needs of customers. For example: geographic survey often needs to involve some mountains, then the transmission distance of the walkie-talkie needs to be far enough and the signal transmission power is large enough; Some places where wireless products are used more often require the walkie-talkie to have high anti-interference performance. One is the walkie-talkie with low power consumption and low price, which is mainly used to meet the needs of general customers.


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