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For many years, we have been designing mobile phones, smartphones and tablets in the service of innovation and sustainable development. For reliable and tailor-made solutions, choose JESY, a mobile phone brand with R&D and integration.

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Logistics retail

The warehousing, sorting and transportation of parcels are closely related and complex processes, so...

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In agricultural production, relying on the industry's lowest cost of use, it has professional techni...

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JESY mobile phones were originally used in construction and construction sites. On construction site...

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On dense factory floors, back office operations and remote site management require more advanced tec...

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Many environmental factors make forestry practitioners one of the most dangerous occupations in the ...

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Military Supplies

How to respond to natural disasters and emergencies forces us to think about how to be the ultimate ...

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Public Safety

In order to ensure the basic communication of public safety staff, JESY provides professional-grade ...

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JESY can meet higher demands in terminal supply, transportation and field maintenance work, mainly u...

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Public utilities

When public utility practitioners dig trenches, mobile phones are often submerged in water. When bui...

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Petroleum and natural gas

The diversification of JESY products meets the needs of various industries. For the oil and gas indu...

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Security and Facility Management

For teams servicing large indoor and outdoor venues, specialized equipment can not only reduce opera...

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