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Safety Why do we use explosion-proof mobile phones?

Source:Internet Release: Thursday, January 6, 2022 Views: 770

1. During the use of ordinary mobile phones, due to high-frequency electromagnetic waves, radio frequency sparks will be generated, frictional sparks will be generated due to friction, sparks generated by the device’s own ignition, and battery self-explosion and other dangerous factors will become the source of ignition.


2. Because explosive mixtures are commonly found in the production, processing, storage and transportation of coal, petroleum, chemical, textile, grain processing and other industries, ordinary mobile phones have become a strong source of safety accidents in these places. If an explosion occurs, it will be extremely harmful. Big



3. The explosion-proof mobile phone fundamentally solves the problem of ignition sources. The appearance of explosion-proof mobile phones is no different from ordinary mobile phones, but the materials and physical properties used are very different from ordinary models.



4. The manufacturer has adopted a variety of explosion-proof technologies, such as intrinsically safe circuits, limiting the maximum surface temperature of the casing, using a "dust-tight" or "dust-proof" casing to limit the entry of dust, etc., to prevent the explosive mixture from being ignited, making the explosion-proof mobile phone in the Safe to use in the above hazardous environments.


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