JESY, it's your choice

For many years, we have been designing mobile phones, smartphones and tablets in the service of innovation and sustainable development. For reliable and tailor-made solutions, choose JESY, a mobile phone brand with R&D and integration.

Petroleum and natural gas

The diversification of JESY products meets the needs of various industries. For the oil and gas industry, JESY supports the intrinsically safe explosion-proof certification of the petrochemical industry, so that the mobile phone meets the highest standards in the industry and is suitable for any potentially explosive environment, which has been the industry leader in this regard.


In harsh environments, the service life of JESY communication equipment can reach at least 3 years. The phone is resistant to petroleum, lubricants, antifreeze and other common chemicals. Glove mode not only isolates dangerous locations, but also allows workers wearing protective gloves to operate freely.


After a number of test data, the mobile phone can run smoothly at the extreme temperature of -20℃-60℃. This feature is suitable for workers who need drilling operations or outdoor operations.