JESY, it's your choice

For many years, we have been designing mobile phones, smartphones and tablets in the service of innovation and sustainable development. For reliable and tailor-made solutions, choose JESY, a mobile phone brand with R&D and integration.

Logistics retail

The warehousing, sorting and transportation of parcels are closely related and complex processes, so whether the communication is timely or not will affect the operation of the entire production line. JESY is precise in detail processing. The mobile phone is equipped with an easy-to-use PTT one-key intercom function, which can communicate or execute commands with one or more staff at the same time. The intercom function adopts wireless intercom and 4G intercom. Speaking of equipment, the double guarantee of hardware and software makes communication timely and barrier-free.


JESY's professional-grade configuration has been carefully optimized, and has been tested for safety and reliability performance. It achieves IP68 and IP69K in terms of three-proof properties, and meets many requirements such as waterproof, pressure resistance, drop resistance, and dust resistance. There is no need to worry that the mobile phone will stop working due to unexpected conditions during work. The industry's unparalleled performance standards allow the mobile phone to be perfectly in place at work.