Superior performance and extraordinary robustness

Ultimate three defense/Excellent performance Excellent experience


smart and indestructible

Meet rugged

performance standards

Excellent performance

for the ultimate smooth experience

Excellent performance Excellent experience

JESYJ20 equipped with MediaTek Dimensity 700 5G Dual carrier chipset, 5G UltraSave power technology, the unique CPU comprehensive load balancing scheduling CorePilot technology brings fast experience and longer battery life.

Rugged Design
Refined and Tough

Both sides of the fuselage shell are made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy rivets to reinforce the anti-drop performance of the fuselage,which combines beauty and tenacity. Also, The grip is comfortable.German Bayer polymer TPU combined with internal alloy two-color injection molding process to create the entire body, survive in extreme and challenging environments.

More defense and one resistance
unremitting and invincible

360°comprehensive protection structure,Anti-pressure and antibacterial, German Bayer TPU material with MIL-STD-810G SGS IP-68 IP-69K waterproof standard, dust-proof, anti-drop, anti-scratch, anti-compression, anti-shock, anti-explosion, anti-corrosion, anti-impact, high resistance Low temperature, ect.

Ultra-clear display,
excellent visual experience

6.3-Inch incell FHD+ multi-touch ultra-clear display, clear and comfortable vision.The fifth-generation Corning thickened explosion-proof glass, with the ultra-high quality of wear-resistant and scratch-resistant

Ultra-clear camera, clear and bright

Rear 48MP zoom main camera, 2MP macro sub-camera, 20MP zoom night vision main camera. 16MP front camera with quick portrait recognition, record every wonderful moment and experience the ultimate photography fun.

Ultra-low light infrared night vision device

Equipped with an independent long-distance LED infrared fill light, and a Sony high-sensitivity image sensor at night, the sensitivity of a single-pixel exceeds 2000mv,with a stable imaging algorithm, it can still present a clear picture smoothly in a night environment.

Face unlock +Fingerprint

It supports Touch 4.0 fingerprint recognition and face ID recognition, 0.1-second sensitively recognition, and supports screen-off wake-up and fingerprint photography. Built-in chip encrypted storage becomes more secure.

Global intercom Unlimited distance

Barrier-free communication full time, which is more conducive to teamwork and facilitates command and coordination. Instantly send audio, text, photos, videos and share your location.

Multiple sets of satellite positioning are
faster and more accurate

Built-in independent global positioning chip, support GPS + BDS Beidou + GLONASS GLONASS + Galileo Galileo. It supports offline positioning, fast star search, accurate positioning, small blind areas, and can achieve meter-level positioning at the highest.

Large capacity battery wireless charging

Built-in 6000mAh high-capacity polymer lithium battery, long standby time. Support Qi international standard wireless charging, with 18w dual-engine fast charging, fast charging in 4 hours.

Multifunctional toolbox for
a wide range of applications

It has a built-in 200MS high-precision high-sensitivity air pressure sensor module. It uses a powerful 8-pin ceramic leadless chip with excellent performance. The absolute accuracy can be as low as 0.2Pa, and it has a wide range of applications.
JESY J20 has a built-in high-precision air pressure sensor module. It uses a powerful 8-pin ceramic leadless chip with excellent performance. The absolute accuracy can be as low as 0.2Pa, and it has a wide range of applications.

Infrared temperature sensor

Silicon-based micro-mechanical technology, with a very low-temperature sensitivity coefficient, sensitive infrared perception, and accurate natural temperature measurement and it supports uninterrupted and continuous temperature measurement.

For many years, we have been committed to manufacturing high-quality products that are strong and durable through innovation and a focus on ruggedness, combined with built-in safety in the system. Aiming at the strong and durable products required by special vertical industries, innovate and design each product

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