JESY, it's your choice

For many years, we have been designing mobile phones, smartphones and tablets in the service of innovation and sustainable development. For reliable and tailor-made solutions, choose JESY, a mobile phone brand with R&D and integration.


On dense factory floors, back office operations and remote site management require more advanced technology to manage and deal with problems. Jishi provides optimized communication equipment and accessories for large workplaces to ensure the personal safety of workers and the smooth operation of the supply chain.


Intense market competition and strong market demands require production lines to cooperate more quickly and flexibly. Therefore, quick coordination is essential to save time and costs. Jishi mobile phone is equipped with the easy-to-use PTT one-button wireless intercom function, which can communicate or execute commands with one or more staff at the same time. Professional-grade audio accessories are added to speakers, such as NXP loudspeakers and K-class amplifiers. , waterproof speakers, etc., with more than 100dB audio output.


The service life of an ordinary piece of equipment is only 1-2 years, and maintenance is often required, but the professionalism of high-quality equipment in the face of various emergencies and complex environments is unparalleled. The service life of JESY professional equipment can reach more than 3 years, which not only reduces the total cost of ownership, but also can cope with various complex and difficult environments.