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Explosion-proof smartphone manufacturers explain the correct use of batteries

Source:Internet Release: Wednesday, February 9, 2022 Views: 885

Explosion-proof smartphone manufacturers explain how to use the battery correctly:


1. Don't be greedy for small and cheap, there is no good thing if you are cheap, and don't believe in things that are too cheap. The price of any product is determined by its cost, and you can't buy anything lower than the basic cost.


2. Try to use the original battery as much as possible. Using the original battery is the most important thing to ensure your own safety. It is understood that in the past few years, dozens of mobile phone battery explosions have occurred around the world, and none of these explosions were caused by original batteries.


3. Don't try to modify mobile phones At present, many young people like to modify their mobile phones to look like they prefer, but industry insiders say that improper modification can easily lead to the explosion of mobile phones. Since the mobile phone is a sophisticated communication device, the manufacturer will strictly verify its safety during design, and the electrical performance is also the best. However, after modification, all this will change, which may easily lead to the explosion of the mobile phone.


Fourth, use the original charger as much as possible The original charger can ensure the safety of the battery. Although compatible chargers can also be used, some of them will damage the battery and cause an explosion due to unqualified electrical properties.


5. Do not put the battery in a high temperature environment. The high temperature will cause the battery to heat up, and it is very easy to explode. Therefore, when we charge the battery or place the mobile phone, we must choose a place away from high temperature, and also avoid the summer. direct shot. The accident caused by this time is that the mobile phone user is using the mobile phone under high temperature.


6. Do not use damaged batteries. Damaged batteries are very prone to explosion. Even if they do not explode, they will damage the mobile phone and cause a short circuit in the internal components of the mobile phone. Therefore, you can ensure your own safety without using damaged batteries.


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