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Can explosion-proof mobile phones prevent mobile phone explosions?

Source:Internet Release: Monday, November 1, 2021 Views: 800

In the era of mobile payment, you can have no cash, but you can't live without a mobile phone. Subsequently, the news of the explosion of mobile phones has gradually increased.


In March last year, Mr. Song from Taiwan reported that his mobile phone in his backpack suddenly exploded while he was eating at a restaurant. In December, a man in the United States said his iPhone XS Max caught fire in his pants pocket. Recently, an old Indian man was sleeping when his mobile phone exploded in the middle of the night, and the resulting flames burned the old man alive.


There are a lot of similar news. I can't imagine how terrible and serious the consequences would be if the accident happened in a gas station, chemical plant and other flammable and explosive areas. I saw a news earlier that a 25-year-old woman in Brazil was playing with her mobile phone in front of a fuel gun at a gas station. Suddenly, an explosion occurred. She was hit by a tongue of flame and high temperature, and 60% of her body was burned.


Ordinary mobile phones receive signals through electromagnetic waves. When making calls and using the Internet, the electromagnetic waves will suddenly strengthen. This sudden strengthening of electromagnetic waves will ionize the air and produce sparks, which can easily become the source of explosion accidents. Therefore, we often see signs prohibiting mobile phones at gas stations, and many petrochemical plants even prohibit employees from bringing mobile phones into explosion-proof areas.


But society is progressing, technology is developing, 5G is already on the way, and the Internet of Things era will follow. Even dangerous industries such as petroleum and chemical industry are no exception. As a terminal in the Internet of Things era, mobile phones are very convenient in transmitting information and maintaining production. There are many flammable gases or explosives in coal mines, tunnels, oil fields, chemical plants, pharmaceutical factories, etc. In the past, it was forbidden to carry mobile phones, but now with explosion-proof mobile phones, the problem is solved.


Compared with ordinary mobile phones, explosion-proof mobile phones are not much different in appearance and use, but they are very different from ordinary models in the materials and physical properties used. Manufacturers have adopted a variety of explosion-proof technologies, such as intrinsically safe circuits, limiting the maximum surface temperature of the casing, using a "dust-tight" or "dust-proof" casing to limit dust ingress, etc., to prevent explosive mixtures from being ignited, making explosion-proof mobile phones in the above dangers. Safe to use in the environment.


The most important point is that explosion-proof mobile phones need to pass the explosion-proof certification of the national inspection and inspection agency and the national legal metrology agency, and should also have the functions of waterproof, dustproof and anti-fall to meet the use of personnel in special dangerous industries.


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