Brand story

JESY adheres to the brand concept of "meaningful, differentiated and outstanding", and provides users with "high-value, high-quality, high-value" electronic technology fashion brands.


Focusing on the "professional" mobile phone + differentiation strategy, the company launched the ultimate technology product strategy of "segmented scenarios and real needs" to create a technology and fashion life with super experience for users.

Technological breakthrough丨Professional eight defenses, extreme escort

Professional eight-proof and one-proof: waterproof, dustproof, anti-drop, explosion-proof, anti-pressure, shock-proof, scratch-proof, anti-corrosion, high and low temperature resistance, whether it is the cold polar region or the Gobi desert, it is all invincible, showing the style of the king. Not only that, but also professional-grade PTT full-band hardware intercom (digital and analog 2-in-1), full-network quad-band design, wireless charging, fingerprint reader, NFC application, global positioning system, including GPS, GLONASS, SBAS, QZSS and BEIDOU , Five sets of satellite positioning systems, trajectory recording, multi-function sensing devices, infrared identifiers, and military-grade solid three-proof quality also bring the ultimate protection to the product.

Brand Essence丨Jiesz Responsibility, Innovative Industry

"Quick", fast, represents the rapid development of scientific and technological achievements (Internet) with the times Frontier, leading the trend of innovation industry development. For a brand that focuses on the development and production of special mobile communication equipment, the name is just right.

Production base丨complete equipment, quality assurance

Advanced R&D and manufacturing base, equipped with complete production facilities, with more than 10 years of technical development strength, products strictly abide by the ISO9001 quality management system, and every production link can be strictly controlled to ensure product quality and safety.

R&D patent丨Strength manufacturing, safe and reliable

JESY has a number of patents and technical development capabilities for GSM and CDMA special communication products, and has successfully developed the fourth-generation mobile navigation communication terminal products based on TD-LTE technology, FDD-LTE and VO-LTE technology. The company will continue to abide by the business philosophy of technological innovation, and develop more products suitable for outdoor sports, professional markets and the special needs of the industry. No matter when and where, let Jishi Technology be your most trusted partner!