JESY, it's your choice

For many years, we have been designing mobile phones, smartphones and tablets in the service of innovation and sustainable development. For reliable and tailor-made solutions, choose JESY, a mobile phone brand with R&D and integration.


In agricultural production, relying on the industry's lowest cost of use, it has professional technical support and long-term durability, so that the real-time connection of agricultural practitioners will not be interrupted. Undisturbed production and processing are essential for agriculture, whether in livestock raising, crop farming or agricultural services. Running an efficient communication system will greatly improve work issues and save time in workflow management, thereby maximizing productivity and reducing operating costs.


Working long hours in outdoor environments and remote areas, workers need reliable communication and rugged equipment in emergency situations: PTT enables instant A more efficient solution; a powerful audio output device with waterproof speakers and class-K amplifiers, you can clearly hear the sound of your phone whether in an empty harvest field or in a noisy processing workshop.