Introduction to the company

JESY'S vision and mission is to "create the JESY spirit and innovate the special communication industry" as the business philosophy of the company, and be proactive and enterprising.

About JESY

JESY-- China's first rugged phone company

JESY Technology is a high-tech enterprise that focuses on special electronic communication terminals and mobile application service system solutions with the main feature of rugged phone and realizing professional eight-proof and one-resistant: waterproof, dustproof, drop-proof, explosion-proof, pressure-resistant, shock-proof, scratch-proof, corrosion-proof, and high and low temperature resistant high technology.

After years of continuous practice, the product categories have included mainstream cell phones, smartwatches, and headphones. Among them, five sets of the satellite positioning system, fingerprint reader, infrared reader, multi-functional sensing device, and military-grade rugged triple-defense quality also bring the ultimate protection to the products, JESY is committed to letting everyone in the world enjoy the joy brought by technological progress.

Research and Innovation

As an advocate of special smart phones and mobile communication application terminals, JESY actively promotes its standardization construction, adheres to in-depth research and development as the core, fine production as the foundation, and excellent after-sales service as the guarantee, adheres to the business philosophy of technological innovation and customer first, and adheres to the excellent Quality policy, strictly test all products, regard quality as the core of strategic development, and lay a solid foundation for products to sell well at home and abroad.

As a global leader in the special communication equipment industry, based on mobile terminals, integrating mobile terminal and Internet of Things technologies, it specializes in the research and development, production and sales of three-proof electronic products, communication information equipment, and Internet terminal products. And actively expand overseas markets, successively established branches in the United States and Hong Kong, and registered a number of independent brand patents and trademarks in companies at home and abroad respectively. "Quick", fast, represents the rapid development of scientific and technological achievements (Internet) with the times Cutting-edge, leading the development trend of the innovative industry, and striving to become a global mobile communication terminal service provider with social value.

Accumulated more than 10 years of rich industry experience, relying on excellent software and hardware development strength, focusing on providing product customization services (ODM) and (OEM) platform services for industry customers, from concept to appearance structure, as well as product software and hardware design to production All-in-one solution for provisioning, back-office service support. Taking "creating the spirit of Jieshi and innovating the special communication industry" as the business philosophy of the company, we are proactive, adhere to the five sectors of our company's "mission, vision, values, style, and spirit", and insist on designing and producing safe and reliable products. Special communication equipment.

Openness, cooperation and win-win

After years of continuous practice, JESY has accumulated rich industry experience, deeply cultivated the core technology of intelligent hardware, integrated product research and development, manufacturing, brand operation, and built strong business barriers. From concept to appearance structure, as well as product software and hardware design, production supply, and back-end service support integrated solutions, the product greatly solves the real rigid needs of users in outdoor sports, outdoor operations, and professional markets, and wins the market. of high recognition.

As a technology fashion brand in the global market, JESY is based in Shenzhen, backed by mainland China, and radiates the world. Actively expand overseas markets, and successively set up branches in the United States and Hong Kong. The sales and service network covers 70% of the municipalities directly under the Central Government, provincial capitals and prefecture-level cities in the country, and radiates to nearly 100 countries and regions around the world.