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  • What are the business processes?

    What is the different points of your Jesy Rugged Smart Phone from the other brand rugged phone at present?
    What is the special characteristic of your JESY Rugged Smart Phone?

    The answer is as following:

    1. Splendid Performance, Outstanding Practice
    Rugged phone Multi-proof Smart phone JESY J7 adopt superb speed genuine octa-cores 64 bits splendid CPU, RAM 3GB + ROM 64GB (Max. up to 128GB memory card),pure Android operation system, support Bluetooth 4.0, 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz double frequency Wi-Fi. With special CPU comprehensive load balance control CorePilot technology, bring customers hi-speed performance, and energy-saving.

    2. Support All 4G/3G/2G Networks, Dual SIM Cards Dual Standby 
    Fashion Rugged Phone JESY J7 supports all 4G/3G/2G Networks, more choose, more convenient. Let you feel genuine hi-speed network. And with function of Dual SIM Cards and Dual standby, make you cope more easily with your work and life.

    3. Sturdy durable design, Irreproachability
    Crafted industrial design with precise and compact structure, unique double streamline-shape in rear part, aesthetic feeling and tough and tensile, and twin blades are made of aircraft grade aluminum alloy which is polished, incised and reinforced exquisitely, delicate and strong, like nature itself.
    Comfortable grab feel, out case made from superb grade glass fiber reinforced polycarbonate and high polymer soft rubber from German Bayer Bitterfeld GmbH, jointless structure, army grade protection. It can work easily in extreme environment.

    4. Safety in fingertips, fingerprints make you wonderful
    The first innovation creation in industry, the newest Touch 2.0 fingerprint identification, 360 degree, 0.36 seconds quick identification, sensitive response touch, support payment by fingerprint, black screen wake up, fingerprint open and application, fingerprint quick shoot and control. The encrypted fingerprints information to be stored in an independent safe module, it is more safety. 
    Remark: It can tell 5 fingerprints, especially parked 5 applications.

    5. Full range analog walkie talkie, digital walkie talkie, internet walkie talkie and hardware walkie talkie 4 in 1, it is the first and newest innovation creation in Global in 2016.

    The first innovation creation of detachable special full range walkie talkie, it can talk without mobile phone network; It is a perfect combination with smart phone and walkie talkie, and it is 2 in 1 for digital intercom and analog intercom, with double systems of DMR and DPMR synchronously, 400-480 MHz, compatibility with all kinds of analog or and digital walkie talkies, special using PTT button design, 2 watts power, 
    In the open area, its talking distance up to 10 km, sound clearly, and support POC group talking or intercom, and with Global internet talking function, make it suitable widely. Enjoy communication anytime and anywhere with information at your fingertips.
    Remark: V range to be customized.

    6. Multi-protection, Superb strong
    It has 10 kinds of  protection functions, with certificate of Switzerland SGS Top grade IP-68 Protection, certificate of IP-69 anticorrosion, Certificate of American Army Standard MIL-STD-810G, Certificate of National Safety First grade EX anti-explosion, and the body of mobile phone has ability of 1.5 M IP 68 waterproof and dustproof, 2 M crash-proof, 2.5 MT compression resistance, shockproof, anti-explosion, anti-corrosion, anti-shock, extreme low temperature resistant up to -30℃ and extreme high-temperature resistant up to 70℃, it can work easily in any bad condition, and its splendid performance always with your exploration.

    7. HD Display Screen, Touch Controlled by Glove or and wet hand
    Classic 4.7 inch, comfortable grasp, 1280P, IPS full range HD display, and with the 4th generation superb thick American Corning Gorilla Glass which extreme quality of wear-resistant and anti-damage, clear comfortable vision; superb sensitive touch feeling, scratch resistant screen, and can be operated easily by wet hand or and hand with glove.

    8. Sapphire Len, Wonderful Pictures
    With 13MP rear camera, 5 MP front camera, F2.2 diaphragm, sapphire lens, real time HDR, OIS optical anti-vibration system, it can take shot very easily in strong light or dim condition, even you drive deeply in the water. Image formation very quickly, the pictures are very clear and exquisite, built-in face-recognize system, sport model, voice model. It will NOT make you lose any brilliant moment to practice extremely enjoy of your shooting.

    9.Independent Position System, More quickly more exactly
    Built-in independent GPS realize free navigation function, support GPS, GLONASS, SBAS, QZSS and Chinese Big Dipper GPS, you may choose freely one of five sets of Global Position System, strong ability of anti-interference, with AGPS location function, search satellite in extreme speed and exact location, it can get exact location in a precision of centimeter Max..

    10. Devices with naturally waterproof function Design
    Adopt the newest technology of COM ports devices which with naturally waterproof function, internal main board adopt nanometer grade waterproof design. Even if you forget to cover the earphone’s plug or USB’s stopper, it can proof any drip of water. The functions give more protections.
    Remark: To cover the plugs may avoid sand and dust to damage the devices even if devices with naturally function of waterproofing.

    11. Huge Volume Battery, and Wireless Charging
    Genuine 4100mAh extreme huge capability battery make the smart phone with superb long time standby, ultra-long time innovation. Advanced PTC+MOS double systems of anti-explosion. Built-in QI international general standard wireless charging, quick charging, with special charging dock and wireless charging dock, let charging very easy and quick, freely get electronics, and get full volume any where any time.

    12. IR Remote Controller, Practice New Intelligent Life
    The first innovation creation in the line is multi-functional IR remote 
    Controller, it compatibility with all IR remote controlled devices, such
    as TV, air-conditioner, UAV(unmanned aerial vehicle) … etc. With such splendid smart phone, you will enjoy your intelligent life.

    14. Enjoy OTG to navigate Digital World
    JESY J7 supports OTG technology, it may connect and read U-flash, tablet PC,digital camera, mouse, keyboard, USB fan, microphone, etc. and display Data in the screen of the mobile phone via OTG, it can be read data and see a film. Built-in special OTG reverse charging function which make the mobile phone as a mobile power bank. With more magic, enjoy more interesting, it supply more and more convenient and fast to your life and travel.

    15.Multifunction Sensors, more application out of the door
    Built-in professional multifunctional sensors, such as SOS key (may set as user-defined key), baroceptor, gravity sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, Gyproscope... It can measure air pressure, tell directions, meter temperatures… With so many functions, it is an indispensable tool for activities out of door.

    16. Built-in NFC module
    NFC, its identifying function of wireless communication technology in near distance, via mobile device, digital products, PC and every smart terminals, the phone may intercom in short distance, it can realize to make payment, to clock on work attendance of clerk, to follow the trail of thing, identify, safety log-in, transportation and logistics, access control, transfer data, navigate information, digital label…etc. With this wonderful phone, you will enjoy to practice quite different and entire new intelligent life.

    17. Double headed faced plug make the best of both worlds
    The best data line with characteristics of double headed, double faced, right or opposite plug-in both OK, it adopt the newest international design of USB type-C plug which can plug-in via right side or opposite side, and structure of gold-plating double faced touch points, and with the protection design of short circuit proofing when inserting, to ensure the safety for charging and transferring the date.

    18. Enjoy music, Come on!
    High quality sport earphone’s bass is deep, middle-pitched voice is smooth, the high-pitched voice is fine and smooth, which adopt the technology of ultrasonic combination to improve the characteristic of waterproofing and the strength of mechanical reliability. IP68 grade professional waterproofing make it don’t care about the rain or and sweat.

    19. Extend warranty period, Rest your heart 
    A. In 7 days after you getting the mobile phone, you may return back the phone to suppliers without any reason, extended the period to 14 days.
    B. Whole mobile phone's  warranty period is 1 year,  extended to 2 years.