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Brand story

With technology of 9 kinds of protection for mobile phones, developing terminals service,security information service and system integration are the dominant points of Shenzhen JESY Technology Co.,Ltd., and it is specialized in the solution of electronic communication terminals and mobile application services.

Brand Orientation:
Profession, Innovation, Perfection, Shenzhen Jesy Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in the line of the special communication terminals research, production and service.

Hard Power of JESY Tech:
Pursuing Excellence, Exploring Innovation, Flaming the Passion, Challenging Ourselves.

Technical Breakthrough---8 kinds of Proofing and Resistance, Excellent Escorting.
Professional 8 kinds of Proofing and 1 kind of Resistance, such as waterproof, dustproof, crash-proof, scratch resistant, shockproof, anti-explosion, anti-corrosion, compression resistance, extreme high-temperature resistance, extreme low-temperature resistance. Not only JESY J7 Multifunctional and proofing smart phones are indestructible in severely cold polar regions or and gobi deserts, and with the style of great king manners; but also with professional grade PPT full-band hardware talkback/intercom (digital and mimetic 2 in 1), the whole network 4 frequencies design, wireless charging, fingerprint reader, NFC applications, the global position system, including GPS, GLONASS, SBAS,QZSS and BEIDOU, five sets of satellite position system, tracking record, multifunctional inductive devices, infrared reader, military grade strong multi-proofing quality also bring the excellence escort to you.

Band Essence--- JESY Responsibility, Innovation in the industry
The pronunciation of JESY is like Chinese word “Jie”, its meaning is quick, fast, speed or quickly, it on behalf of the technology is advancing with the times; In ancient times, the Chinese word 仕,its meaning career, and it on behalf of we stick in unremitting develop our innovative career, 2 in 1, it is a new leader in front of the science and technology development, and innovation times. As a band which specialized in the line of special communication terminal devices research and production, it’s just right.

Production Base---Full Equipped, Quality Assurance
Advanced research produce base, with complete production line, more then 10 years technology research and development strength and rich experience. Products quality strictly comply with the standard of ISO9001 Quality Manage Control System, strictly control every production process, to assure the products’ quality and safety.

Research Patent----Manufacture by Hard Power, Safety and reliable
JESY Tech has many patents of special communication products of GSM, CDMA, and Technology development strength, at present, we have developed fourth generation mobile navigation communication terminal products which based on the technology of TD-LTE,FDD-LTE, VO-LTE. We will unremitting strictly abide by the management principle of technology innovation, to research more and more special products which suitable for outdoor sports, professional market and the special industries.
Anywhere and Any time, JESY Tech will be your reliable partners forever!